Get First-Hand Experience Using Fire Extinguishers

Get First-Hand Experience Using Fire Extinguishers

There are lots of different types of extinguishers, all used for specific purposes.

If you haven’t already, start with part one, Not all Fire Extinguishers are Made Equal: Types of Fire Extinguishing Agents and part two, How to Choose the Right Fire Extinguisher. These posts look at the first steps you need to know before choosing a fire extinguisher.

Our fire prevention experts in Vancouver BC take the guess work out of choosing the right extinguisher for your needs, and are able to give you hands-on training.

Community Fire Prevention offers 3 different packages for Portable Fire Extinguisher Training that we bring directly to the customer facility or strata building.  

We offer;

Portable Fire Extinguisher Training education in Vancouver BC 1. Standard Hands-On Interactive Training 
bullex 2. Bullex ITS Live Fire Training System Training
. Bullex Digital Laser Indoor Training 3. Bullex Digital Laser Indoor Training

All sessions include a 30-45 minute interactive session with a certified RFPT that is also an open forum for questions and comments with the option for participants to utilize to operate an actual extinguisher at the end. 

Where to Get Help Choosing or Using a Fire Extinguisher 

Whether you are looking for fire extinguisher training or buying new fire extinguishers at our store in Port Coquitlam, BC, our highly trained staff can help.

Contact us today to please speak with one of our Vancouver fire inspectors or expert staff

Give us a call at 604-944-9242 or e-mail If you are located in Greater Vancouver, we invite you to stop by the store.