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Fire Safety Planning Services in Greater Vancouver: As an owner or owners authorized agent, you are responsible for carrying out the provisions of the Fire Code.

Do you have a fire safety plan box? Are you confident that your plan will meet the ever changing Code and municipal Fire Bylaws? Allow Community Fire Prevention to assure your building is covered and an approved Fire Safety Plan is in place.

Fire Safety Planning & Inspectors

Our Fire Safety Inspectors provide Fire Safety Plans for  government, schools, hospitals and across many critical industries and sectors throughout the Greater Vancouver Area including: 


As per Part 2 Section 2.8 of the BC Fire Code;

  • The fire safety plan shall conform to all outlined measures within BCFC and be made in conjunction with the Fire Department and any other applicable regulatory authorities.
  • Part of all plans need to include up to date building drawings including diagrams outlining type and location of building fire emergency systems.
  • Special requirements are necessary for all Care and Detention Occupancies as well as Assembly Occupancies and High Buildings.
  • Section 2.8 also outlines the requirements for Fire Drill Procedures and the required intervals dependent upon the group occupancy.
  • Fire Safety Plans shall be kept in the building for reference by the fire department, supervisory staff and other key personnel.


  • Stay compliant. As outlined in Part 2 Section 2.8 of the BC Fire Code a Fire Safety Plan shall be reviewed at intervals not greater than 12 months to ensure that it takes into accounts for all changes. Let the trained and knowledgeable Community Fire Prevention staff help you meet all requirements of both your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) as well as outside insurance agencies.
  • Know the Code. Community Fire Technicians are trained and certified by BCWWA (BC Water & Waste Association) and stay up to date with ongoing in-house training of codes, standards and manufacturers requirements.
  • Plan Ahead – Save Later. A properly implemented Fire Safety Plan will improve safety for building occupants as well as aid emergency First Responders to the scene as well.
  • Reduce the worry of insurance coverage eligibility. Community Fire electronically documents all services performed at every site including routine maintenance, annual fire inspections and on-going service calls to test and inspect fire equipment.
  • Promote Safety. We demonstrate commitment to a higher standard of protection for your employees or residents by maintaining all your fire and life safety equipment professionally and on-time.

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Fire Safety Plan Boxes

Contact our Fire Safety Plan Inspectors

If you require Fire Inspectors, Fire Safety Plan BoxesFire Safety Plans, Fire Operation Manuals, Emergency Preparedness Manuals, Construction Fire Safety Plans, Demolition Fire Safety Plans, or related fire planning and safety services , we strongly encourage you to give us a call or come in and talk with us in person!

You can visit our fire protection store in Port Coquitlam, BC, or give us a call at 604-944-9242, to learn more about our fire planning services and how we can help you! 

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