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When there is zero tolerance for downtime, you can rely on the professionally trained fire inspectors and technicians at Community Fire Prevention 24/7. We keep your healthcare facility’s Fire and Life Safety equipment tested, maintained and operational at all times.

We understand the challenges faced by hospital and health care administrators who must balance the responsibilities of maintaining all site accreditations and certifications, while managing budgets, staffing and cash flows.

You can count on us to organize and schedule time sensitive or security specific needs with facility personnel well in advance of arriving at your site.

Our fire inspection and electronic documentation procedures make it easy for multiple administrators and facility engineers to track past reports, inspections and repair history with a click of a mouse. This ensures that all multi-year tests are well documented for liability purposes as well as future budgeting.

Due to the constantly changing environments of most healthcare facilities, Fire Systems are often “pieced” together using a multitude of different brands and vintages. Our Fire Inspectors and Technicians are skilled at managing a variety of manufacturer’s equipment and are available 24/7.

Our service packages, parts and labor are affordable and flexible. We work with you to structure payment terms that meet the requirements of your site’s budget.

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We invite you to talk to with us in person! Visit our fire protection store in Port Coquitlam, BC, or give us a call at 604-944-9242, to learn more about our fire prevention services and how we can help you!