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I own a small business and switched to Community Fire Prevention last year for our on-site fire/equipment inspection. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to switch and would not hesitate to recommend this company for this sort of service. With the previous company we used, we would get soaked for at least three to four hundred dollars every year when they visited, on top of the inspection/site visit fee. Because of our lack of knowledge with regards to expiry of equipment such as extinguishers, battery life in emergency and exit lights, etc., part of that is on us for not doing our proper homework. At the same time you are hiring “professionals” and hope that at least some decent, trustworthy and honest people still exist. Community Fire Prevention showed up the first year and everything checked out. Inspection/Site visit fee only. Thought we’d get dinged the next year for sure. Not so. Everything passed again. Inspection/Site visit fee only. And the technician proceeded to inform us we’d be good for a couple of more years at least. Confirming our suspicions that our past company were basically criminals. Would love to name them but I won’t. If you need on-site fire inspection service, I do not hesitate to recommend this company. Fast, friendly, courteous, professional, and most importantly, honest!

Jamie Webb

I just thought I’d send you a note to let you know how much we enjoyed the fire extinguisher training session last week. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our staff.

You and Keith are both great presenters and your passion for sharing life safety skills is obvious. Thank you both for a fantastic session and I’m sure we will be using your services again soon.

Rob Robinson
Training Manager