Welcome to Community Fire Prevention Ltd.

Community Fire Prevention Ltd. is a family owned and operated Fire Protection Company with over 25 years of experience protecting people, property, and assets.

We provide monthly and annual fire inspections, installations, repairs and troubleshooting of all types of Fire Safety equipment.  We service and maintain industrial, commercial, strata and residential establishments.  We are also on call to help 24-Hours a day covering Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

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We provide the following services and ASTTBC Inspections

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Inspections
24 Hour Emergency Service
Fire Alarm Batteries

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Light Testing
Installation and Replacement
Emergency Light Batteries

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Inspections
Journeymen Sprinkler Fitters
Tenant Improvements


BCWWA Certified
Testing and Installation

Fire Extinguishers

Extinguisher Inspection
Recharge and Hydrotest

Other Services

Fire Safety Plans
Fire Extinguisher Training

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Semi-Annual Inspection
New Installations / Repairs

Special Fire Suppression

Semi-Annual Inspection
New Installation / Repairs

Fire Education Centre
How to operate a
Fire Extinguisher

Choosing the Right Fire