Fire Safety Plans in BC

Fire Safety Plans in BC

Fire Safety Plans & Fire Code Compliance

Properties found to be in violation of the BC Fire Code requirements are often at higher risk of a fire event than properties found to be prepared and in compliance. Poor fire safety planning often come with serious repercussions.

The owner (or owners authorized agent) of the building is ultimately responsible for the implementation of a proper Fire Safety Plan and has a legal duty to make sure the building complies with regulations. Failure to do so may result in fines or criminal responsibility.

A fire safety plan approved by your local fire department authorizes that the plan meets provincial fire code and any additional city-bylaw requirements, and that the procedures in place conform with the specific requirements necessary to ensure the safe evacuation of staff and occupants in a fire emergency.

Fire Plan Code Compliance

Fire Safety Plans must adhere to guidelines and requirements of Section 2.8 of the National and Provincial fire codes.

What is a Fire Safety Plan?

The three objectives of an approved Fire Safety are:

  1. Fire Prevention – the control of fire hazards within a building
  2. Occupant Safety – includes the appointment of trained personnel, implementation of procedures and participation of routinely scheduled fire drills
  3. Fire Control and Extinguishment – identification of a buildings fire safety equipment, inspection and maintenance of buildings fire life safety equipment.

An approved fire safety plan is a detailed document, intended to be a reference manual that is uniquely designed to deal with all aspects of fire safety, as it relates to a specific building or property.

The plan outlines the routine fire safety practices to be used, and a sequence of routine fire safety steps to be taken to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants, and to minimize damage to a specific property and the environment in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety Equipment and Procedures

A complete itemized listing of all fire safety equipment on site, and detailed instruction of human resources and administrative duties as they pertain to evacuation procedures are a necessary part of the plan.

Further, the plan must outline the procedures for notifying the fire department if the operation of life and fire safety systems fail.

What if I don’t have a Fire Safety Plan?

Owners that don’t comply risk hefty penalties. Some municipalities now have zero tolerance and are taking building owners directly to court if they fail to comply.

How Do You Get a Fire Safety Plan?

Community Fire Prevention Ltd. can develop a fire safety plan for your building that meets the requirements of the BC Provincial Fire Code and the local authority having jurisdiction.

Once we visit your property and conduct an audit of the building, factors affecting fire safety will be identified and a plan specific to the needs of your property will be developed.

It is highly recommended that you contact a professional Fire Safety company to create a complete and detailed plan for you that takes into account the unique layout and specifications of your property.

Where Is a Fire Safety Plan Kept?

The approved, stamped copy from your local fire department must be stored in a regulation approved and weather-resistant fire safety plan safety plan box.

Access to this box must be easily attainable so that crucial information about your building and its occupants is immediately available to firefighters upon arriving at a fire emergency.

Does a Fire Safety Plan Need to be Updated?

When changes to the physical structure of your property or its uses occur, your plan needs to be updated to reflect these changes. Under Section 2.8.1 of the National and Provincial fire codes, property owners are required to review and update the plan within one year of the changes being made.

Reduce Worry. Plan Ahead. Stay Compliant.

Fire Safety Plans are not to be taken lightly. Short cuts to save costs are never a good idea.

It is worth a few minutes of your time to get in touch with a professional who knows how to help you stay compliant.

Contact our Fire Safety Plan Inspectors today to learn more about how we can help you.

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