A Message from Brett Johnston, President and Owner

A Message from Brett Johnston, President and Owner

Community Fire Prevention Ltd., striving to be a leader in fire prevention services, continues to monitor the progression of the COVID-19 virus and the guidance of public health officials.

We are committed to public safety, working in the best interests of our employees and our clients.

Community Fire intends to continue providing its fire prevention services as long as the direction regarding COVID-19 from health authorities and governments allows.

However, we recognize that our in-suite inspection service presents a potential COVID-19 exposure risk to our employees and clients.

Therefore, in the interest of public safety, we have postponed our clients’ in-suite inspections/non-emergency service calls until the risk of exposure is reduced. Where properties are near their annual deadlines for inspection, we believe it is reasonable to anticipate that the extenuating public health circumstances will be recognized.
Community Fire has always valued its long-term relationships with our partners in fire prevention. We encourage us all to work together to protect our communities during this rapidly changing and challenging time, in our shared goal of public safety.
Donna Tennant, our Vice President, is available at 604-944-9242 to answer any questions.