Be Aware of SCAM Fire Inspectors in Vancouver BC

Be Aware of SCAM Fire Inspectors in Vancouver BC

Fraudulent Fire Inspectors, Vancouver BC

Unfortunately, in Greater Vancouver it is possible you could be approached by a fake Fire Inspector or someone representing a fraudulent Fire Inspection company.

Typically they will come into your business and introduce themselves as a contractor working in the area and often will request cash payment immediately upon completion.
Often, the “tags” they use appear to be homemade or printed on a cheap inkjet or laser printer.

It is likely they will come in a vehicle that does not show any company information, if you happen to notice them drive in.


They often introduce themselves to a staff member unlikely to be aware of the work that is actually required. They often will leave NO paperwork or documentation and will generally try and avoid owners or upper management. They often “barter” for services or demand payment immediately upon completion.

Reputable companies usually never drop in and collect payment the day of service, nor will they randomly show up without your knowledge and give an invoice you weren’t expecting.

It is best to call the local police department immediately if you sense anything suspicious, and you need to call if unexpected payment requests are being made of you.

5 TIPS to prevent Fire Inspection Scams

  1. Educate your staff. Make sure they know who your fire service provider is and that they are not authorized to approve drop-in inspections.
  2. When approached, ask for a business card and identification. Then place a call on a private phone to verify if the company and the person at your business are legitimate prior to letting them commence any work. 
  3. Call the City to ensure they hold a valid city business license and always ask for a copy of liability insurance.
  4.  Get clear information about how inspections are scheduled and set up by your Fire Services provider.
  5. Do not let the fear of staying compliant lead you to assume that it is okay when an individual says they have authorization to access your premises. You have the right to refuse anybody.

Technician Certifications

Technicians are certified by the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). Successful completion of this certification ensures that the technicians who inspect, test and maintain fire protection systems have the required knowledge and training required to protect the public.

Qualified technicians will provide company photo identification and will be in uniform. You can also log on to the ASTTBC Fire Protection website to ensure an inspector still hold valid certification at the following link.

Benefits of Hiring a Qualified Fire Inspection Technician

ASTTBC Certified Fire Inspection Technicians can perform a wide range of services and offer a complete service package for your business.

Competencies include:

When you are hiring a fire protection company, it is worth it to find a company you trust that can meet all of your fire protection needs. This prevents you from having to go through a full hiring process every time you need to find someone capable of performing all the services you need.

Be sure to ask any fire protection company that you hire if they have maintenance schedules in place and will be able to return on a regular basis for required inspections.

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